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Hello beloved family and friends!

We hope this little 'save the date' finds you very well.

We always said we would get married in 2025 (for our ten year anniversary) and although it seems improbable that two professional procrastinators would actually follow through, here we are - yippee!

We'll be updating this website when we have more details to share but wanted to get this to you as early as possible... especially for our people overseas.


If you are one of those people, please know that, while we'd LOVE to see you, we know a trip to Australia is a very big ask. Times are tough and there is absolutely no pressure on you to come (but we wanted you to know that if the time/space continuum could be suspended - we'd be so happy to see your smiling face).

As an aside, we're actually planning a family honeymoon in America (Disneyland for sure)... and you'd be more than welcome to come boogie with us there.

If you do think you can swing it, please let us know and we'll do what we can to help get you sorted. xo

There won't be paper invitations so, please pop your email address below so we can stay in touch.  

Thanks so much!

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